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Week 6

By  Sophie Mattinson

The Great Nuttersons Bake-Off

My first big project

This week marked something rather special for my time here at Nuttersons. I have been given my first ongoing project. The project is to produce a full social media proposal for the use of our own company, Nuttersons.


Above: The Nuttersons Facebook

A little confusing, I know. But before we start to advise clients on their own social media strategies, we want to perfect our own first.

So, what does it take to create a social media proposal? More than I’d originally thought, it turns out. A social media proposal (not to be confused with a social media strategy) is a document prepared for a client in which you highlight the areas in which they need help and propose the ways in which they can be fixed with a social media strategy. Have I lost you yet? Don’t worry, it took me a while to decipher what information was meant to go on which document. A proposal has to be written with tact, to let the client know how they need help without going into the specifics.

I haven’t finished my proposal yet, but I have a feeling this one is going to be a work in progress. There will be a few lessons to learn along the way, but it is all part of the learning curve. Stay tuned to see how I get on with my first big project.

Nuttersons’ very own ‘Bake Off’


Above: Classic example of a GBBO pun

On a personal note, I couldn’t be happier that ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (GBBO) started for another round this week. What’s better than a baking show packed with innuendos?

I managed to get a few other people in the office on the GBBO hype, so much so that we have decided to have our own bake off competition here at Nuttersons.

I stepped up to the plate for the first week and brought in my lemon drizzle cake. Relatively easy to make and packs a punch on taste.

I have got to say, without tooting my own horn, it went down quite well. It didn’t particularly look the part but the beauty was certainly on the inside. The office secretly scored my effort and the winner will be revealed when we have all had a turn to show our baking skills. Next week is Fadlan’s turn and he won’t reveal what he’s got in store for us but, rest assured, we’re all excited.

I’m going for a long shot here, but I’d like to place my bets early on the winner being Martha. She may only be 17 but what I’ve seen so far is certainly impressive, particularly for such a young age.


Above: The winning cake fair and square

Go Martha!

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Sophie Mattinson
This post was brought to you by: Sophie Mattinson

Sophie, aka Social Sophie, is our social media savvy digital marketer and blogger who loves to dip her fingers in more than one pie. She has been described on more than one occasion as creative and bold member of the Nuttersons family. View more articles from Sophie Mattinson

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