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Week 5

By  Sophie Mattinson

Learning the little things

I have been at Nuttersons for 5 weeks now, and as I get more settled into my job role, my responsibilities are growing and the type of work is expanding.

Monday morning meeting

Monday morning consisted of my regular meetings with my boss, Kevin. These meetings tend to happen once a week where we go over the work I have completed and I am set new tasks to complete for the next deadline. Most of my work this week consists of researching the use of Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, with similar brands and agencies.


Above: Soap Media was one of the digital agencies I chose to analyse for social media habits

Not a bad task if I do say so myself.

Books on books on books

This week I was also given a stack of books to get stuck into in order to learn as much as possible about how social media can benefit a business. So far my favourite has been ‘500 Social Media Marketing Tips’ which is packed to the rafters with tips for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.


Above: Andrew Macarthy’s book which has become my bible

The book dives right into the deep end with advice instead of wasting time on explaining each platform, which most social media marketing books seem to waste time doing.

Favourite social media tips

Here are some of my favourite tips from the book:

  • Encourage engagement through asking questions to your audience e.g. “We love X, are you a fan?”. Placing the question at the end of the sentence means it’s more likely to be answered.
  • Use breaking news, holidays, and special events to keep your social media content relevant and interesting to add variety. Posting only about yourself can get very boring, very fast.
  • Use twitter ‘hashtags’ to join conversations and build new relationships with people, which will hopefully lead to new business.

Read our article all about the pros and cons of using Hootsuite.

I was introduced to Hootsuite…

After reading this book I was introduced to Hootsuite, something I had heard of, but unaware of how beneficial it could be to manage Nuttersons’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s come in particularly useful to schedule tweets and posts, monitor specific search terms on social media, and save a list of our favourite Tweeters to keep track of industry news.

Getting used to the cameras

Week 5 has also consisted of standing in front of a camera, a lot.


Above: A watchful camera lense is never too far away in the Nuttersons office

Nope, I’m not famous just yet, but our videographer Rachel has been busy filming lots of videos of the Nuttersons team to fine tune her own skills and to introduce the Nuttersons family to the world. Keep a keen eye out for our first video coming to YouTube soon, or just wait for it to go viral… either way is fine.

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Sophie Mattinson
This post was brought to you by: Sophie Mattinson

Sophie, aka Social Sophie, is our social media savvy digital marketer and blogger who loves to dip her fingers in more than one pie. She has been described on more than one occasion as creative and bold member of the Nuttersons family. View more articles from Sophie Mattinson

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