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Week 4: A Day in the Life

By  Sophie Mattinson

What have I learnt over this past month?

I am officially one month into my apprenticeship at Nuttersons now, so it’s time for some self-reflection.


What have I learned so far and what has changed since I started?


Nuttersons is a relatively new and small company, therefore I am the first employee to be taken on for ‘Social Media Manager’ role. In a lot of ways this meant that I was paving my own way, and learning what my role would entail as I learned more about the field.


Above: The Nuttersons Twitter – I am very proud

To learn more I was given the task of researching and learning how to run different social media platforms and looking at how others did it. From this, I was able to learn the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of social media, which platforms are best to use, and how to then use them. I am now in the process of making our socials the best they can be and keeping them updated with regular content.

Check out our twitter to see how I’m getting on: @Nuttersons


The essence of an apprenticeship is learning. Since I am a graduate it seemed that, instead of going back to college, I would benefit more from attending regular conferences and workshops intended for professionals. Secretly, I was more than happy with this decision for one crucial reason… there is no coursework.
The events I have been attending have a host of experts in the field of Digital Marketing and Social Media. The professionals share their knowledge, advice, and tips on how businesses can best utilise Facebook, Twitter, etc., to ‘spread the word’ and inform people of their services. If you want a detailed overview of the workshops and conferences I’ve been attending, check out the blog posts and reviews on the Nuttersons blog for each event.


Above: SkillShare can be used to learn new skills from teachers everywhere

I have also been taking online lessons via skill share and treehouse, and making my way through a stack of books all on social media and digital marketing. It seems like a lot to take in, and it is, but every day I feel I learn something new and become more knowledgeable on this subject. My goal is to become a social media expert and soon be in the position to advise clients on their social media strategies.


Another big part of my first month has been getting back into the swing of writing and rediscovering my love for it.

Growing up I always had a pen in hand, but as I got older and I discovered the wonders of the internet it seemed all I would do is consume other people’s writing rather than produce my own. But here I have had the opportunity to write about my own experiences, and they do say write about what you know. It’s been a great way to ease myself back into the writing world and now I’m looking forward to challenging myself more and writing pieces that are out of my comfort zone.

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Sophie Mattinson
This post was brought to you by: Sophie Mattinson

Sophie, aka Social Sophie, is our social media savvy digital marketer and blogger who loves to dip her fingers in more than one pie. She has been described on more than one occasion as creative and bold member of the Nuttersons family. View more articles from Sophie Mattinson

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