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Fancy A Date?

By  Jasmine Bartkiw

Search for respectable employees + Tinder = unexpected success?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘recruitment?’ And what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Tinder?’ Chances are you wouldn’t really hear them both in the same sentence ever.

Who’d have thought the two could be intertwined? AND successfully!?

When I was first told about the Tinder recruitment campaign I was a bit nervous about it because I had no clue how it was going to work and I was going into it completely in the dark. I have been on Tinder before and know how it works but I’ve never actually used it properly, more as just a way to have a bit of a laugh. I knew that with Nuttersons I would more than likely be able to have a laugh with it, but at the same time, I was worried about the fact I actually had to try and find genuine candidates at the end of the whole thing.

So what’s the goal..?


Researching previous campaigns:

Looking for other companies that had used Tinder as a recruitment tool was actually quite good. I only managed to find one other company that had done a Tinder campaign and it turns out they are only based around the corner from our office.

  • BJL used Tinder to recruit graduates. Tinder users who came into contact with the profile were met with a picture of an empty yellow seat which was ‘looking for ass.’ They had ended up recruiting 5 people from their campaign.

Above: BJL’s Tinder campaign squeeze page

More Tinder research.

I had to do a lot of research into Tinder itself and try and find out what makes the best profiles and how to get as many people to swipe right as possible. The majority of the information I found went into detail about the best pictures to have and how to write a good bio which would all come in handy when it came to designing my two profiles.

What was the plan..?

After looking through all my research I started making a plan of exactly what I would need to do to make my campaign a success.

  1. Create a Tinder profile for a boy nut and a girl nut – this turned out to be more difficult than I first anticipated because I had to create two new email addresses and two new Facebook accounts so that Tinder could connect to it.
  2. Design all the nuts for my two Tinder profiles
  3. Design a squeeze page for the girl nut
  4. Design a squeeze page for the boy nut
  5. Get as many people to swipe right as possible
  6. Engage with as many people as possible

Designing my nuts..

I was really excited about being able to design the nuts for Tinder because I knew I could be really creative and have fun with it. I started off by designing a boy nut and a girl nut and tried to base them on iconic characters that someone would recognise. Initially, I designed the girl nut based on Jessica Rabbit and the boy nut on Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street). I thought that they looked really good but definitely needed backgrounds adding to them to make them look even better. At first, I tried to imitate pictures that would be found on a typical Tinder profile but after having a meeting with Kev we decided that it would be a lot better and funnier if we modelled the nuts off iconic characters so that they would be immediately recognisable. It was a lot more difficult to try and think of iconic images to use for the male character, but in the end, I decided on James Bond and Jordan Belfort (and a random astronaut) because I thought that these would be familiar to our target audience.


For the female nut characters, I found it a lot easier to think of the woman who would be easily identifiable just by looking at the image. I had a range of ideas but in the end, I chose recognisable characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Pamela Anderson and iconic scenes from Pretty Woman and James Bond. I was really happy with how the images looked in the end, even though it took a few tries to get some of them right!


Designing a squeeze page..

When it came to designing a squeeze page for Tinder I decided that I would need to have two separate ones (one for girls to go to and one for boys to go to). I found it quite difficult to decide what to write because I had to remember that people aren’t necessarily looking for a job when they visit the page, so instead I based it on the fact that they might be interested in a new opportunity.

A lot more fun than simply writing ‘Do you want a job?’

I began on the design of the pages by deciding what to have as the header for each page. For the Tinder girl page, I chose to have the Marilyn Monroe nut on the left-hand side and then some text next to it. I did the same for the Tinder boy page but chose the James Bond nut. I wanted to think of a catchy slogan that would link to Tinder and immediately grab people’s attention, so I went for ‘Fancy a date?’ I felt that this fitted in well with the Tinder theme and was a lot more fun than simply writing ‘Do you want a job?’


Above: Our tagline for the project

Beneath the initial slogan, I had to think of a paragraph to briefly tell people what the point of the page is and what they have to do if they are interested in a new opportunity.

Again, I tried to keep this in keeping with Tinder so choose wording that would imply a date situation. If a person is interested in the opportunity then they simply click the ‘let’s meet’ button and that takes them to a form to fill in. I thought it would be good to make the form look like the ‘new contact’ page on an iPhone so that it’s as if they are giving us their number which is still in keeping with the Tinder theme!
With the rest of the text for the squeeze page, I tried to make it lighthearted but still informative of what the whole purpose of us being on Tinder is. I chose to write out questions that I thought people would be asking and then answer them underneath in as much detail as I thought was needed.

Overall, it was a really exciting challenge which caught the attention of many, as well as forever changing my opinion on Tinder and it’s users.

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Jasmine Bartkiw
This post was brought to you by: Jasmine Bartkiw

Jasmine started off as our Recruitment Intern whilst studying International Business at Salford University, but was quickly given the responsibility to create and manage several quirky head-hunting campaigns, such as using Snapchat and Tinder. One for creative ideas and in-depth social media knowledge, it could be said that Jasmine is the Mother Nut of Nuttersons, as we wouldn't have half our team if it wasn't for her. In her free time Jasmine can be found dancing away her worries at music festivals. View more articles from Jasmine Bartkiw

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