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Social Media Success Workshop

By  Sophie Mattinson

  • Name of event: Social Media Success Workshop
  • Organiser: Jason Squires
  • Speakers: Jason Squires
  • Date: 12th November 2014
  • Location: Marriott Hotel, Leeds
  • Cost: £97
  • Course content: 4
  • Quality of speakers: 5
  • Audience Interaction: 5
  • Venue: 5
  • Value for money:

Overall Rating: 4.8

  • Pro’s: New, useful, actionable information and tips given.
  • Con’s: Obligatory sales pitch at the end.
  • Suggestions: I would recommend removing the sales pitch.
  • Would I go to the next event hosted by Jason Squires? Yes.

The ‘Social Media Success Workshop,’ hosted by Jason Squires, took place on 12th November, 2014. The event was held in the Marriott Hotel in Leeds, one of my favourite cities in the world.


Above: Leeds is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful UK cities

Jason Squires has an impressive background using social media to grow a business. He grew two of his very own businesses through online marketing and social media. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself on his Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. It’s no surprise that his one day ‘intensive’ workshop served to be a success; I came away with 17 pages of notes.

In an audience of around 50 people, around 70% of them already used social media for their businesses. The 30% of people who did not use social media for business purposes created an interesting statistic, which Jason thought was representative of businesses and social today.

Inside the Marriot Hotel Leeds

Above: Spot my floating head – hint – very far left!

What I learned?

Unlike other social media ‘experts’ Jason knows his stuff and, more importantly, how to use his knowledge to grow your business.

So here are a few things that I learned on the day:

  • Always look to link back to your website- blogs are a great way to achieve this.
  • Post content that your target audience will be interested in, not what you’re interested in.
  • Keep your updates positive, people respond better to positivity rather than negativity.
  • When asking a question, ensure the question mark is situated at the very end of the update. This leads to 15% more engagement and 2x the replies.
  • Show your audience that you are an expert at what you do, try to persuade them to use your services.
Jason in action

Above: Jason Squires

What I’ll Action

Jason informed us on some useful tools for marketing a business and went into detail about how to use each platform effectively. Jason demonstrated how to use the tools he had talked about, making it easier for the audience to see how they work.


Here are some of the tips Jason has for marketing your business through Twitter:

  • Start using a Twitter advanced search strategy.
  • Search for what your target market would talk about if they needed your services, for example searching twitter for the phrase “Can anyone recommend an (insert industry here)?”. It’s a great way to find people who need the services you provide.
  • The sooner you can offer your services, the better. Signing up to ‘’ will allow you to save phrases and edit them when a new tweet appears.

Above: Twilert


Here are some of the tips Jason has for marketing your business through Facebook:

    • Use Facebook’s customisable tabs. Facebook allows each business page to create a customisable tab which can be created through ‘,’ and can be fully customised to display any page of your choosing. Jason uses this page to promote his downloadable marketing materials, which he hopes will persuade more people to book on his courses. So far, he noted that he does gain business through this method.

Above: Jason Squires’ Facebook page


Here are some of the tips Jason has for marketing your business through LinkedIn:

  • Jason explained that to use LinkedIn successfully within a business, each person within the company needs to have a personal profile as personal profiles have more flexibility (e.g. the ability to join groups, publish blog posts, etc.).
  • In order to represent your company as best as possible, individuals should optimise their profile to create a good first impression.
  • Add connections, including email contacts, previous and current clients, possible future clients, and anyone you meet in a professional environment.
  • Create a vanity URL in order for your profile to be easily searchable and recognisable.
  • Fill out all the information on your LinkedIn profile which will continually mention the benefits and services you could provide for someone.
  • Participate in groups. This requires some regular elbow grease, but the work will soon pay off. Start by asking and answering questions, starting public discussions, and by posting your own content.

Above: Jason Squires LinkedIn page

Jason’s advice and information is very useful for any business. Only a handful of our Nuttersons team use LinkedIn but, with Jason’s marketing tips,  I can help everybody set up their accounts and use them effectively.

Jason’s workshop was the most useful social media workshop I have attended. I was amazed at the amount of new information I was given in such a short day. I was so impressed that I even spoke to Jason afterwards and sang my praises to him. He regularly tours around the UK with his workshops, so if you’re looking for some new information to shake up the way you use social media for business, I would definitely recommend his workshop.

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Sophie Mattinson
This post was brought to you by: Sophie Mattinson

Sophie, aka Social Sophie, is our social media savvy digital marketer and blogger who loves to dip her fingers in more than one pie. She has been described on more than one occasion as creative and bold member of the Nuttersons family. View more articles from Sophie Mattinson

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