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Impress Someone In One Email

By  Victoria Willis

Seemingly simple, taught to you by no-one

As I’m getting older, I’m starting to realise how much life revolves around emails.
Emailing is how we tend to go about making important decisions, such as applying for jobs or property, and sometimes just needing to make an exemplary first impression.
It’s a fairly impersonal way to contact someone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still daunting.

Here’re a few tips on email etiquette:

  • Always start off with a warm greeting and closing message. This may sound simple and insulting, but there is nothing quite like the fear felt when you receive a demanding email, even if the message is positive. It’s all about how you format your message, the presentation is everything.
  • Make sure the subject field accurately represents the email content. I’ve accidentally sent emails without a subject before, and I think it makes a genuine message look like spam. The subject field allows you to, quite literally, make the subject of the email clear.
  • Don’t go on about it. Long emails are never a good idea, two or three sentences is generally the norm. There’s no need to over-explain yourself, answer what has been asked and save the long natters for the phone.

Above: The iconic 4-way phone call from Mean Girls

  • Kisses and emojis are a bad idea. The occasional 🙂 is okay, but kisses (and this is from personal experience) may lead to the person receiving the email to think there’s a malfunction at the end of the message – actually happened to me. Generally, one can assume that if you’re emailing someone you then you don’t have their phone number because you don’t know them that well, and are usually still on a professional basis with them.
  •  Be sure to re-read emails in order to avoid communication errors. Simple things like checking you’ve answered all the questions properly can save you from having to exchange multiple messages back and forward until it eventually causes confusion.
  •  Go to strenuous efforts to check for new emails. Ignorance is not the way, you’ll seem unprofessional, lazy even, but there’s also the fact that you could miss out on something important. No-one particularly enjoys sending emails so it won’t have been written just for fun.

Above: Maybe you are one of these people with a cluttered email inbox, but surely we can all agree that 2,222 is a little untidy?

  •  No text talk. Don’t even dare to go there.

So, by now it should be clear what a ‘bad’ email is, and that is one that is simply unprofessional. Never send an email unless you’re 100% certain it’s at a level of professional that you would send to Simon Cowell in hope for a job.

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Victoria Willis
This post was brought to you by: Victoria Willis

Victoria started off as one of our youngest nuts, joining us at a mere 16, and fulfilling a blog editing apprenticeship. Youth is generally linked with immaturity and carelessness, but in Victoria’s case she has an eye for precise detail and thoughtfulness, particularly where art and design is concerned. She was originally a college student fumbling through A-level work, before making the bold move to officially become an adult and work full time at Nuttersons. View more articles from Victoria Willis

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