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A novice's first impression of SEO

What happened first? I personally had never been to Manchester Central Library before, so I spent a few minutes being overwhelmed by the beauty of the building. We were seated in a small, personal room where there couldn’t have been more than thirty people. Everyone was encouraged to sit together, despite the human nature telling… View Article


/>Name of event: DPM:UK Organiser: Manchester Digital Speaker: Sam Barnes Date: 29th January 2015 Location: The Comedy Store, Manchester. Cost: £65 Course content: 5 Quality of speakers: 5 Audience Interaction: 4 Venue: 4 Value for money: 5 Overall Rating: 4.6 Sam Barnes, Global Dev. @thesambarnes A talk which was equally funny, entertaining and resonating Sam… View Article


Wise Words From Even Wiser People

Name of event: Creating The Ultimate Customer Journey Roadshow Organiser: Mixing Digital Speakers: Mike Bainbridge, Robin Carlsson, David Woods, Stewart Townsend, Paul Squires, George Loannou, Tim Beaver. Date: Tuesday 9th September, 2014 Location: The Place Apart Hotel, Manchester. Cost: Free Course content: 2.5 Quality of speakers: 3 Audience Interaction: 3 Venue: 5 Value for money:… View Article


Time for feedback

Even though it’s only my 7th week at Nuttersons, I had my 8 week appraisal and goal setting with my boss, Kev, this week. Better early than never. Pessimism gets me nowhere Receiving feedback is never something I look forward to, simply because I imagine the worst. However, as usual, pessimism gets me nowhere and… View Article


Learning the little things

I have been at Nuttersons for 5 weeks now, and as I get more settled into my job role, my responsibilities are growing and the type of work is expanding. Monday morning meeting Monday morning consisted of my regular meetings with my boss, Kevin. These meetings tend to happen once a week where we go… View Article


What have I learnt over this past month?

I am officially one month into my apprenticeship at Nuttersons now, so it’s time for some self-reflection. What have I learned so far and what has changed since I started? Researching Nuttersons is a relatively new and small company, therefore I am the first employee to be taken on for ‘Social Media Manager’ role. In a lot… View Article