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Apprentice Blog Editor

Victoria Willis

Victoria started off as one of our youngest nuts, joining us at a mere 16, and fulfilling a blog editing apprenticeship. With a nutty flair for the English Language, Victoria uses this to her strength in order to nourish the Nuttersons blog. She was originally a college student fumbling through A-level work, before making the bold move to officially become an adult and work full time at Nuttersons. Victoria is easily spotted in the office with her ever changing hair colours, much like an unnaturally exotic bird. She is most commonly found at her desk sipping Red Bull, applying lipstick and tap tap tapping away on the keyboard. In her free time, Victoria mainly enjoys bragging to her friends that whilst they undergo irksome college exams, sweating with nerves, she'll be there to fan them cool with her thick stack of full-time wages. When she's not being cruel, she can be found painting on her bedroom walls (arguably, this is still cruel on her mother) and re watching Family Guy, perfecting her Stewie Griffin impression.

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Seemingly simple, taught to you by no-one

As I’m getting older, I’m starting to realise how much life revolves around emails. Emailing is how we tend to go about making important decisions, such as applying for jobs or property, and sometimes just needing to make an exemplary first impression. It’s a fairly impersonal way to contact someone, but that doesn’t mean it’s… View Article


A novice's first impression of SEO

What happened first? I personally had never been to Manchester Central Library before, so I spent a few minutes being overwhelmed by the beauty of the building. We were seated in a small, personal room where there couldn’t have been more than thirty people. Everyone was encouraged to sit together, despite the human nature telling… View Article


The Four Gifts

Name of event: North West Expo Date: 26th November 2015 Location: Old Trafford Cricket ground Cost: Free Course content: 4 Quality of speakers: 5 Audience Interaction: 5 Venue: 5 Value for money: 5 Overall rating: 4.5 The first thing I immediately noticed once I went inside the event arena was the simple fact that there… View Article


Did not actually take place on a bus, much to my dismay

What is it? Small Business Saturday is an event which happens once a year. This year it is due to take place on Saturday the 7th December, but beforehand there is a slightly smaller gathering and is known as the Small Business Bus tour. Anyone who is involved in newly set up, starting out businesses… View Article